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Founded in 2014 Gatecom is a is a focused IT Professional Services provider with a mission to supply superior IT infrastructure management consultancy enabling performance and security improvements to aid effective and efficient growth of core business. Gatecom consultants work in conjunction with client IT services to ensure maximum ROI is achieved using future proof and secure IT infrastructure solutions.


IT and Data security

Gatecom perform a thorough assessment of cyber security, identifying any risk to businesses or data, and provide a concise set of solutions to address any perceived vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Consulting

Gatecom IT architects will perform a review of business infrastructure to ensure maximum effective use of current resources plus recommendation for future requirements based on predicted business growth and IT landscape change.

IT Professional Services

Gatecom IT consultants work within a current organization providing change management and continuing maintenance services.


Gatecom provide a full range of hardware solutions to match the client business from single on-premises solution to full data centre resource.


Gatecom supply a wide selection of software and licenses from major software partners.

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